About Us

Sonitarium.com is the easiest way to get the newest and best royalty free music for any creative project.

  • Find the right music using our fantastic search engine, SoniSearch.
  • Add full high-quality tracks, music loops and stingers to your cart.
  • Pay securely using PayPal or any major credit card.
  • Download your tracks immediately.
  • Use them in your project forever and never pay us again for that use.
Sonitarium is for anybody who needs music for anything -- completely legal, pre-cleared, no copyright issues, fantastic music for films, video games, tv shows, commercials, radio broadcasts, corporate videos, youtube videos, podcasts, websites, on hold music, whatever.

Got questions or concerns? Absolutely give us a shout!

Want quick answers to questions like "What does 'royalty-free' really mean?" Check the Sonitarium FAQ below.


Why is there a voice saying "Sonitarium.com" periodically?
That's our watermark. It's only in the preview versions and it's there to prevent unauthorized use of our music. Your files won't have that watermark.

Can I have a preview version to try out in my project before I buy?
Sure can. In your search results there's a download preview button so you can try before you buy. That preview version will contain that voice that says "Sonitarium" but after you buy you'll get a version wiithout this audio watermark. Also we should mention, if you're trying out previews of loops, there will likely be a slight hiccup at the loop point. Mp3's don't loop. Never have. Your hi-def version after purchase will loop properly.

Anything I can't do with the music?
A few things, yes, and they mostly boil down to: You can't sell, distribute or leverage the music outside of your project. It needs to be embedded in the project. For example, you can't post the music mp3 online so that others can listen to or get the mp3 file itself. You can't alter the music and call this your own music and distribute that. You can use the music in a film but you can't put out a soundtrack CD. The music isn't owned by you; it's licensed for use IN THE PROJECT. If you need broader rights, shoot us a note or give us a call. We'll try to help you out.

Can I change or edit the music to suit my project?
Yes you can! You can edit the music to make it fit your project. You can add to it as well. Your project might need a voiceover. Or even a saxophone over, or a rearrangement of some sort. This is great as long as this resulting version stays in the project. You can't add a vocal and call it new music, much less YOUR new music, and you can't sell or distribute this new mashup outside of the project. It remains ours, and you simply have the right to use it in your project. Again, if you need broader rights, shoot us a note or give us a call. We'll try to help you out.

When do I get the version without the nice voice saying "Sonitarium.com?"
Immediately! Right after payment with any major credit card or through Paypal, you'll arrive at a download page where you can get your files right away. Additionally, you'll receive an email that contains your invoice, the terms of the license and the links to the files.

What if I misplace the audio file or it gets corrupted?
You can download a new copy. Just sign in and visit your account history. You will find a record of your purchases and those will forever have links to your files.

So, what does "royalty-free" mean?
Royalties are basically payments made to the copyright holder of a piece of music based on how many units are sold, or for how long they're used, or how much revenue the project generates; something like that. We aren't doing that. You pay once, regardless of how big or long running or hugely moneymaking your project is.

Why do you still provide publishing information with the tracks? Isn't publishing about royalties?
First, let's say it again. You're done paying for use of this music. All good. You have our one-time payment deal.

TV and radio broadcasters, no matter where they get their music, royalty-free or not, are supposed to report the publishing info to a performance rights organization (people in the biz call them "PRO's"). ASCAP, BMI and SESAC are examples you may have heard of. Broadcasters have laws they must adhere to.

If your project is getting broadcast on TV or radio (that's awesome btw, congrats) and the broadcaster asks you for the publishing information so THEY (not you) can comply with their laws and report the usage, you'll have it in your email. No biggie. And if you've lost it, shoot us a note and we'll fix.

I'm a composer. Is Sonitarium looking for new composers?
Sonitarium accepts very few new composers, but we are always interested. You can begin the process by filling out a Composer Application..

Is the music safe for YouTube and Vimeo? I've heard there can be issues.
Unlike a lot of other libraries, Sonitarium’s music is absolutely YouTube and Vimeo safe. We certainly know what you’re asking about, unfortunately.

Increasingly, some other libraries’ music can trigger YouTube warnings about copyright violations.

Sonitarium's music does not trigger YouTube warnings, and here’s why: Sonitarium doesn’t allow our music to be submitted to the ContentID database that sends that warning.

That said however, it's the internet. Try as we might, we cannot 100% prevent the possibility that someone might pirate one of our tracks and add it to the YouTube database. If this were to happen your invoice will serve as proof that you’ve licensed the track. YouTube provides a form for easily contesting the matter. The true copyright owner is one of our own composers, so if anything, they should be grateful that you’ve alerted them to a piracy.

If you ever do run into an issue, we’re anxious to help fix it. Talk to Sonitarium.