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  • Corporate

    Inspiring and energizing, this curated playlist from our corporate tracks delivers the energy, confidence, and drive that’ll give your corporate video or presentation the right motivational spark.

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    A Helping Hand A Helping Hand

    Corporate »

  • Video Games

    Music drives video games and immerses the player. Here we've chosen some of the best from our library of game tracks. From high energy epic hybrid tracks with rich orchestras and searing electric guitars all the way to 8 bit arcade bleeps and bloops, we've got music that propels and enlivens your games.

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    Outback Outback

    Video Games »

  • Children's Music

    Melodies you’ll want to whistle, played on light hearted instruments evoke joy, happiness, playfulness, curiosity and innocence. Whether you need a quirky little tune, or a soothing lullaby, this playlist of some of our favorites from our kids collection will help your project hit the mark.

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    Child's Imagination Child's Imagination

    Children's Music »

  • Rock

    Styles from the 50's to today, heavy metal, surf, punk, grunge, they all live here. Rock tracks have a versatile and familiar language that evoke memories and set your scene, propel your action montages and your high speed chases, and sell cars and beer. Perfect for giving your project energy and spirit.

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    Funky Metro Rush Funky Metro Rush

    Rock »

  • Acoustics

    Guitars and ukuleles strum and flutes whistle soothing happy melodies. These acoustic tracks calm and assure, evoking confidence, contentment and happiness.

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    Night Glow Night Glow

    Acoustics »

  • Electronic

    Trance, breakbeat, dubstep, too many subgenres to list but this hand-selected playlist of our favorites delivers tons of pulsing percolating synths, drum machines, and samplers and enough risers, builds, drops, and just plain grooves to give your project that modern drive.

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    I'm Going Down I'm Going Down

    Electronic »

  • Motivational

    Driving, uplifting, enterprising music that picks you up, makes you stronger, energizes you, whether you need a lift or more of a kick in the butt. These tracks invigorate and inspire.

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    Sunrise Sunrise

    Motivational »

  • Classical

    Medieval, baroque, romantic, and modern. Faithful renditions and orchestrations, or more modern takes on familiar classical tunes. These tracks bring sophistication, style, and polish to any project.

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    Mystical Forest Mystical Forest

    Classical »

Featured Composer

Mediagloss Production Library

Mediagloss Production Library

For over a decade, Mediagloss has provided music and sound design services to award winning film, tv, new media and advertising projects. This production library is available exclusively here at Sonitarium.

State Witness 2:00 $29.99 Add to Cart
See 49 tracks by Mediagloss Production Library
  • Urban

    Bouncy, gritty, thumping tracks keeping up with what's out there. We're always adding new sounds to keep our urban tracks fresh.

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    First Pitch First Pitch

    Urban »

  • Piano Music

    A piano can tell any story, evoking a wide range of emotions. Our piano tracks can set a tone around a story, or pour out the feelings of a single character. Reflective, sad, yearning, lonely, hopeful, contented — these tracks deliver the emotion.

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    Lullaby Lullaby

    Piano Music »

  • Country

    Our country tracks bring that down home friendly charm, with guitar strumming, banjo picking' and drums shuffling. Today's country music melds the old with the new, traditional instruments along with rock guitars and sometimes even some techno elements. We've got it all covered.

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    Cat Scat Shuffle Cat Scat Shuffle

    Country »

  • Drama / Suspense

    Tracks that stir the emotions and convey the story beneath the story, setting the tone for the crime scene investigation or getting your pulse racing as you walk down the dark hallway.

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    Robot Invasion Robot Invasion

    Drama / Suspense »

  • Relax

    These tracks have soothing rhythms, ethereal instrumentations and soothing melodies that say, “get comfortable, recline a little, rest your eyes, and let that tension and stress to flow away.”

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    Lullaby Lullaby

    Relax »

  • Sports

    High energy, driving tracks for the big time players, top ten plays and down to the wire finishes. This curated playlist contains handpicked rock, hip hop, and electronic tracks to give your project that shot of adrenaline it needs.

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    Rocking The Competition Rocking The Competition

    Sports »

  • Holidays

    Our holiday music delivers the warmth, energy, sparkle and spirit of the holidays of your seasonal media projects. Check out the previews of this royalty free collection of new tracks and editors favorites from our large holiday music library.

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    Joy To The World Joy To The World

    Holidays »

  • Epic

    You want epic. We’ve got epic. Huge orchestral scores with big drums and soaring themes that depict the grandeur and heroism your project deserves.

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    Heroic Journey Heroic Journey

    Epic »